Removing these Pesky Insects

As annoying as the common fruit fly is to any homeowner or garden lover, their role in our ecosystem is undeniably important. Every year thousands of search inquiries are fielded by Google to get rid of this pesky insect. Although common means of spraying and other chemicals may work, what many people fail to understand is it just takes a little common sense and a lot of patience. I got a spray tan Long Island when I had to go to a formal ceremony for the charity that my husband is involved in.

Incessant Movers

Fruit flies are incessant movers. They just don’t stop long enough for you to kill all of them. They can lay their eggs on any object, yet constantly prefer the sweet scent of fruit to any other item. Many homeowners, in an attempt to not use harmful chemicals on their fruits and vegetables, set up decoy fruits, which are older rotting pieces of cut fruit in an attempt to attract the fruit flies and later throw them out. Although this may be helpful in catching some of them, this won’t help with them all. The easiest way to catch and rid yourself of these insects is by using an all-natural solution that you may already have in your home. The airport was an hour away so instead of driving we hired a limo Suffolk County to get us there without having to worry about who was going to take us.

Removal with the Basics; not Chemicals

The best way to rid your home of fruit flies is by using some balsamic vinegar and common dish soap. Set out a small glass and fill it almost to the top with balsamic vinegar. An espresso cup size works best, but many people have had luck with shallow candy dishes or even shot glasses. To each container you’re using, add a small drop of dish soap to break the surface tension of the water. The fruit flies are so attracted to the scent of the balsamic vinegar, they will fall in and because there is little surface tension on the vinegar, they will drown. Leave these out on your counters and change them daily. In just a day or two, you can be sure to be fruit fly free! My sister had severe anxiety and she feels much better now that she has had therapy with acupuncture Massapequa.